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About Us

Thank you for taking the time to come to our web site. We have been at our location 117 Rt. 46 since 1988 – yes, 25 years! I have been a mechanic all my life and before 1988 I was in the gas station business for 20 years, fixing and repairing cars and giving service to my customers. In 1967 I worked at VeeBee Esso in Belleville N.J. then from 1971-1988 at Glacier Shell in Morris Plains on Rt. 10.

We started out in 1991 - with buy here pay heres and financing customers on our own, making sure warranties were always included with sales. Over the years we have sold 5,000 cars, now THAT’s experience. My job is to find suitable cars out of a wide variety, from trucks to sports cars, we suit every person’s need.

The #1 thing when I’m buying a car is paramount (condition). How the customer took care of the car and how they kept up with maintenance. The exterior and if they cared about scratches, washed the car, and replaced things that need replacing. How they handled the interior and if the seats and dashboard needed maintenance and cleaning or if the rugs need vacuuming. Then, if they took care of the appearance, you could tell inside of the engine – dirt accumulation in the engine which shows if oil changes were not made, under frame of car if it sat outside or if it was garage kept. My focus is on condition and care put on by the last owners of the car.

If you only look at the mileage you’re in trouble! You’re going to pay twice the amount of money to start with and that’s not going to tell you how long it will last. The early years of how a car was taken care of will tell you how long a car will last. If a car with 50k miles was not taken care of, (oil changes and servicing) it will not last you longer than a car with 100k that was serviced regularly. Oil changes are the heart line of the vehicle and never letting dirt buildup and allowing wear and tear in engine bearings to wear out.

At Cars-R-Us all cars are ready for sale. In case routine repairs come along, powertrain warranties are given to (offset) expensive repairs and whether 50k – 100k miles, repairs are expected. We will stand with our customers through every problem if one comes, that’s our policy! Guaranteed you’re not going to be taken for an endless ride!

Next time you look at car, look and condition first, then odometer. We have warranties from 3 months to 5 years. Come see what we have, you just can’t tell over the internet. It takes time and patience and a reliable dealer with reasonable prices.

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